Volunteer Capacity Building

A programme to strengthen your assets: work differently with your volunteers to develop their reach, and offer them support to strengthen your public service delivery

Between 2015 and 2016, an estimated 14.2 million people formally volunteered at least once a month, adding an estimated value to the UK economy of £22.6bn in 2015 alone.

With volunteering rates in most sectors relatively stable, MutualGain supports its public-sector partners to better harness the skills, knowledge and experience of volunteers to support the delivery of corporate and strategic development, services and outcomes.

We believe that, properly supported, volunteers can stand alongside those in frontline roles to help build social capital in communities, particularly as the frontline experiences greater call on their time.

If you want to unleash their capacity, re-engage volunteers as a community, and benefit from the increased insight that volunteers and their wider social networks can bring, read on…

Who is the product for?

All public sector or voluntary organisations that have a database of volunteers whose talents go unleashed at present.

The Process

Volunteer Reviews

If you haven’t already reviewed your use of volunteers, we offer a comprehensive review of the current status and use of volunteers in your organisation. This could be:

  • Part of a wider community engagement review
  • Part of an organisational development/resources review
  • Or simply a stand-alone piece of work to inform and establish a best-practice volunteer programme to further support your corporate objectives, service delivery and to help you build social capital!



30 stakeholder interviews

1 workplan development workshop

1 presentation on findings

2 thematic reports based on distinct stakeholder input

1 draft workplan


Buy in to a new volunteer workplan by all

With your review complete you might want to invest in training and supporting your volunteers to be active citizens and an organisational critical friend.

Case Studies

One CCG asked us to work over a period of a year with some newly recruited volunteers to develop a shared workplan that strengthened the work of the CCG whilst also tapping into the passions and skills of specific communities. You can read more on the NHS website here.

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