Reframing Community Engagement

This is great course to set the scene with your staff and communities – it enables you think together about what you really mean by community engagement. It outlines what we mean by social capital and encourages participants to debate and reflect on who they serve, and how they serve them.

We have delivered this course in many shapes and forms across the country to police and councils, and we regularly hear the following phrases:

“This is great – it has really made me think about what we are doing with our community engagement here”

“This goes beyond the standard monthly meetings and makes me realise we need to really rethink what we are doing

If we think about community engagement in this way, we could achieve so much more, and start to genuinely co-produce and co deliver services

“This is about listening and not telling – we can’t afford not to think about engagement in this way anymore

Does your team really understand community engagement?
Our Director, Susan Ritchie, and Lead Associate for Emergency Services, Dr Andrew Fisher, co-wrote a blog about Reframing Community Engagement: Are you telling or listening to your community?