Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) is a strengths based method of engaging communities. It requires us to look for what works in a community, and is a fabulous way to engage people from all walks of life. Our training is grounded in positivity and trains you to understand the characteristics of communities at their best: we want to inspire action for positive change.

We can offer training in the essentials of AI through a one day training programme, and we offer a follow up support package that facilitates teams to put their new knowledge into practice with experts from the field.

Who is the product for?

Anyone really! but most often used with learning and development teams managing change programmes or frontline practitioners wanting to tap into the strengths of the communities they serve.

The Process

We train a partnership of local frontline practitioners in the 5 Ds of Appreciative Inquiry.  You can invest in the one day programme which provides the knowledge of AI or you can invest in a support package to help teams put their new knowledge into practice.

The support package consists of 10 days of expertly facilitated meetings to enable the learning to shape practice and to take the learning and turn it into a work plan with communities.

Outputs/Outcomes expected

  • 20 participants (partners, staff and/or community) trained in Appreciative Inquiry essentials
  • 20 participants supported to deliver their first Appreciative Inquiry process
  • Sample of local materials created (Discovery interview questions, Dream event publicity and recruitment techniques) to be used with other teams (where relevant)
  • Experience of coding and analysing data from key parts of the Appreciative Inquiry process, particularly Discovery and Dream phases
  • We review the team’s first report from your AI Process
  • You have an organisational team of practitioners to help with future AI, or to be critical friends with peers in future
  • Shared learning experience across a partnership
  • Shared action plan for delivery
  • Shared design of how to make the Affirmative Topic a reality
  • Production of learning hints and tips document for future teams


Case Studies

Hillfields (pdf download)

Northgate (pdf download)

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