About Us

Our Social Purpose:

The raison d’etre of MutualGain is to empower organisations and communities to reconnect in the social space, which lies between the state and the individual. Ultimately, we aim to promote greater participation and active citizenship within our democracy and increase social capital, for the mutual benefit of all.

Who We Are

Susan Ritchie

aaeaaqaaaaaaaadpaaaajda2odjkzdhjltk1yzytndm5ys1hmwuxltjlmjjmyji3zjyznqHi, I’m the Director of MutualGain. You’ll  find me at the heart of our training and delivery programmes.

I set MutualGain up because of a passion for democracy: I love listening to all the different perspectives on any given issue, and want to hear as many of those perspectives in all our government’s policy development and service design.

By building social capital we can increase the voice of those most marginalised in society, and value their experience positively.

Committed to social justice in our democracy I am a volunteer prison mentor.

When I’m not working I’m looking for new places to visit and learn from, or cuddling my gorgeous grandson, or sitting in my garden enjoying the little bit of nature that you get living in a city!

Welcome to MutualGain – I look forward to learning with you.

Contact details

Email: susan@mutualgain.org
Twitter: www.twitter.com/Mutual_Gain
LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/mutualgain

Dr Andrew Fisher

andrew-fisherHi – I am Dr Andrew Fisher and I am MutualGain’s lead associate for Community Safety. I started to work with MutualGain in 2012 following my retirement as a police superintendent.

My role is to liaise with new clients and work with them to plan a training programme that suits their needs. I am then involved in writing and delivering the training programme and supporting the participants as they plan and deliver their events.

I am very interested in the changes in language and behaviours of participants as the clients learn and apply new methods of engagement; and I enjoy the fun of encouraging learning through creativity.

Our moto is ‘Capture The Learning’, and as an academic (I am an an Associate Lecturer and Research Fellow at two universities) I enjoy being able to write papers based on the learning from the programme; you will find some of these in the various sections of our web site.

When not working I enjoy cycling, watching my favourite football team, travelling and spending time with my beautiful granddaughter – not all at the same time though.

Email: andrew@mutualgain.org
LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/dr-andrew-c-fisher-7b6a501b
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MG_Andrew

Garry Shewan QPM


Thirteen years leading and shaping British policing, I now join MutualGain to follow my passion for building social capital. I was the first senior leader to commission the MutualGain frontline, work based learning programme that helps to create a paradigm shift in the delivery of services. I bring with me the knowledge, skills and expertise of enabling transformation to begin in a changing and complex partnership of organisations and citizens. I can see how organisations need to change in order to deliver their services in a more citizen and community led manner in order to achieve better outcomes. I have a track record of putting co-production and a strength based approach into effect in some of the UK’s most challenging environments.
I have worked at a national strategic level on developing new legislation (stalking law) and criminal justice processes, been the national champion for restorative justice, being a driver for equality and tackling hate crime (introduced the first hate crime characteristic for alternative Sub-Cultures), and worked with HMIC inspecting forces across the UK.  I have a track record of delivering effective leadership and critical incident management across major criminal and disorder events. My last programme of work that I delivered in policing focused on a £60m technology and organisational behaviour change programme that utilised digital data to improve business operations.I am now working where my passion for police started – working to strengthen communities and the way in which they interact with the services designed to serve them. This passion has defined my policing career as outlined above and I would like to share and support others to make it part of their leadership role.
At MutualGain I lead a specific senior leadership package designed for any public sector organisation to make social capital its raisen d’tre.

Email: garry@mutualgain.org
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/garry-shewan-4881233b/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MG_GarryS

Andy Boyd

Hi, I am Andrew Boyd and I joined MutualGain as an Associate in 2017 after retiring as the Head of Neighbourhood Policing for Thames Valley Police after thirty-two years’ service looking for an opportunity to continue working with local communities and trying to make a difference to the lives of local people. It was whilst serving as a police officer that I first recognised the importance and benefits of listening to communities and working with them to address those issues that mattered to them the most. I learned that it was local people, not statutory agencies, who had the ability to galvanise communities and harness their knowledge and skills to resolve local issues, they just needed to be supported and empowered to do so.

We now live in a world of increasing demand and complexity where the resources available to public sector agencies are shrinking against a backdrop of austerity. Working with MutualGain provides me with an opportunity to help local people harness the energy and enthusiasm that already exists in communities and through strengths-based engagement start to enable and empower them to become increasingly active citizens participating in a collaborated approach, more self-resilient and less dependent on statutory agencies.

I am a qualified trainer with a Certificate in Education and Training and qualified Executive Coach with a Level 7 qualification in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring.   Working with Mutual Gain provides me with an opportunity to utilise my knowledge and experience to deliver training in topics such as Positive POP and Appreciative Inquiry and delivering our coaching programme for middle managers on how to build social capital in their various and diverse roles.  I am also an assessor on the MutualiLearn platform and enjoy reading the creative and inspiring submissions from learners as they develop their knowledge around building social capital. The bespoke training offered through MutualGain provides the opportunity for a blended learning experience with training offered at a team or individual basis, all of which is designed to be fun for both the learner and the trainer!

When not working with MutualGain I enjoy watching my favourite football team, and ribbing Andrew Fisher when they beat his favourite team, and getting outdoors into the local countryside either walking or cycling. I enjoy reading, particularly historical fiction, and also enjoy researching the world of policing with a particular interest in community engagement and problem solving.

Email: andy.boyd@mutualgain.org
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MG_AndyB

Brian Roberts

Brian joined Cheshire Police in 1986. He has worked as a Detective in local CID teams and in the County Drug Squad. On promotion to Inspector he focused his work on Community Policing and Partnerships.  In 2004 he worked in the US as part of a Group Study Exchange where he worked with Law Enforcement Agencies and Communities in Chicago.

After his promotion to Chief Inspector in 2006 he obtained a Foundation Degree in Policing. He later took over as the Detective Chief Inspector and was awarded a BSc Honours Degree in Criminology at The University of Portsmouth.

Brian was appointed as Deputy Director of Intelligence where he remained for five years. Brian’s team spear headed the law enforcement response to Cyber Crime in Cheshire. Brian was a qualified and experienced Tactical Firearms Commander in Cheshire where he led on numerous critical and firearms incidents.

In 2014 he took up a position to embed Evidence Led Policing with frontline staff and took responsibility to use those principles to drive a culture of preventing crime and reduce re-victimisation. Brian has been part of a developing relationship between Cheshire Police and the University of Chester.

He has received numerous Commendations for his performance on tackling Drug Trafficking, Crime and Community Policing.  Married with three children, Brian runs an under 15 football team and recently completed his third Triathlon.  He is currently undertaking a postgraduate studies (PhD Digital Criminology).

Brian retired from Cheshire Police in 2016 and now lectures across a variety of Departments across the University of Chester. He is in the process of writing a research paper with colleagues from the University on Police Use of Firearms. Brian has recently returned from The Hague for Global Justice in Holland where he lectured on the ethical issues affecting firearms officers with the challenges of terrorism.

Email: brian@mutualgain.org
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MG_Brian


Antigua Riley Corion

Antigua is the Business Support Officer for MutualGain.  Antigua has an interest in being a voice and being able to make a difference for future generations.A resident of Bromham, Antigua has been involved in MutualGain programmes seeking to understand the views of the communities in relation to serious youth violence.

Antigua has an interest in the arts, music and philosophy.

Email: antigua@mutualgain.org
Phone: 07951179573
Twitter @AntinguaMg

Michael Keating


Gained from a range of roles in local government, the health service and higher education, Michael Keating has wide experience researching and understanding sensitive and controversial diversity, equality and engagement policy and service issues, developing effective practice and the skills to manage them successfully.

Since June 2012 Michael has been working freelance on the management of change – to understand its nature, to strengthen the confidence of organisations and individuals in handling it and build the energy to find innovative solutions. Given the challenging public sector context Michael is interested in strengthening our collective capacity to articulate problems, be unafraid to acknowledge their difficulty and thus work out ways of addressing them.

Michael chairs the Tower Hamlets Education Partnership Steering Group which is developing a collaborative partnership of all local schools to drive school improvement. This draws on thirty years’ experience of being involved in education including being a governor of Stebon Primary School in Limehouse since 2012. Michael is also a member of the Council of Spitalfields Music, a music charity which brings together world class artists and local people to produce two annual music festivals and run creative music projects throughout the year in the local community.

Contact details

Email: michael@mutualgain.org
Phone: 07534223018
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/michael-keating-29baa75

Andy Mills

Andy Mills was Head of Involvement and Patient Experience for NHS Cheshire Warrington and Wirral (CWW) from 2011-13 commissioning user-insight from all services providing to the PCTs across CWW.

Andy previously held posts in Public Health and Stakeholder/Partnership management during a 20 year career in senior roles within the NHS.
As an Assistant Director of Public Health in Wirral, he managed a team developing award winning public health interventions around wider determinants of ill-health and substance misuse. As Head of Partnerships he improved the performance of the LSP (Local Strategic Partnership) against alcohol and drug use targets.

Since leaving public service in April 2013 Andy has set up AMP Ltd providing insight, research and policy advice to clients including Local Authorities, regional and national charities, and to various parts of the new NHS landscape ie CSU’s CCGs and NHSE. Commissions have included: user experiences of urgent care, review of peer mentoring for asthma sufferers, user views of smoking cessation services and insight into sensory disability and access to primary care.

Andy is a skilled qualitative researcher and business process consultant and experienced in consultation quality assurance and public health advocacy/policy implementation.

Andy gets fired up about improving children’s mental health and the rights of people with learning disabilities.

Outside of the day job Andy runs a cycle event business  encouraging people to get out on their bikes for mental health benefits, meeting mates for a coffee and cake or closed road racing.

Contact details

Email: andy.mills@mutualgain.org
Twitter: @MG_AndyM
Phone: 07887 653280
Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/ampartners/

Jenny Oklikah

Jenny is committed changing society for the better. Her core values of integrity, compassion, justice, authenticity and perseverance shape her work and life. As MutualGain lead for Community Coaching, Jenny promotes active citizenship by supporting and empowering people to have influence local services and make real improvements in their communities. 
She is an experienced public sector leader, having worked at senior levels in government, including as a Director at the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and as Head of Violence and Youth Crime at the Home Office where was responsible for national policy on gangs, gang-related sexual violence, knife crime and firearms. She also chaired the National Women, Girls and Gangs Working Group.
Jenny is a certified coach and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Master Practitionerand a Group Leader for the DrivenWoman network. She is committed to making a meaningful contribution to society, including as Trustee for Safer London which helps young people break free from gang violence and exploitation.

Contact details

Email: jenny@mutualgain.org
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenny-oklikah-68411a17/

Debby Mackay


I joined MutualGain as an Associate in 2017 after 30 years of police service with Merseyside Police. My 30 year span of service has seen a number of varied and exciting roles, including managing a large operational department through a period of cuts, change and regionalisation. I have a background in safeguarding adults and children, and supported both women and children to have a voice within the criminal justice framework, working alongside a number of other agencies.

I worked for a number of years within the diverse community of Toxteth, Liverpool, coordinating and managing the local neighbourhood team and working closely with the local community leaders. My passion is community engagement and working with the real issues in the community, not just what statutory agencies think are the issues.

I also worked closely with the staff support networks within the Police Service, mentoring and coaching officers and police staff to work towards their aspirations within the work place. I became the chair of the Network of Women in 2015 until I left in 2016.

I have also completed my MSc in Police Leadership studying at Hope University. During my studies I researched and analysed the changing culture of the firearms department within the police service.

Outside work I enjoy travelling, reading, cooking and going to the gym and have recently begun working with a local homeless charity, where I cook on a regular basis and I am in the process of setting up a supportive reading group with this charity at the local library.

Contact details

Email: debby@mutualgain.org
Twitter: www.twitter.com/MG_DebbyO

Jiwan Raheja

Jiwan Raheja is a highly experienced civil servant with vast experience of developing strategy and policy in different areas of government and has successfully implemented both strategies and policies in central government and in public authorities in various sectors from 1998 to 2012.
Since April 2012 Jiwan has been working freelance with the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) and Roehampton University. She developed the toolkit Joined Up Governance with the FRA and is also a visiting lecturer for the Human Rights Policy and Practice MA course at the University of Roehampton, which involves working with partners from Gothenburg University in Sweden, University of Tromso in Norway and other departments from University of Roehampton.
Jiwan worked with MutualGain on the community action programme commissioned by Greater Manchester Police. This involved encouraging local communities to take personal responsibility to identify what they could do for themselves and the community by sharing knowledge, experience and where possible resources with the end result of a mutual gain for all.

Contact details

Email: jiwan@mutualgain.org
Twitter: www.twitter.com/MG_Jiwan

Sarah Judge

Hi I’m Sarah,

I’m a firm believer that politics is something that should be done with people, not to them. I have worked for many years within communities to empower marginalised groups whose voices often go unheard. One example of this is the award winning Safespots Project. This Manchester based project has resulted in a group of domestic abuse survivors collaborating with politicians, Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council to improve services for victims of domestic abuse in their area.

I am keen to ensure that the voice of communities is heard around decision making tables. I believe the experience that lies within our communities can help shape much more effective policy if engaged effectively.

Building effective relationships in communities and increasing social capital often produces the most cost effective and innovative solutions to problems within society.  It is amazing what can be achieved when there is a shift of power from those who traditionally hold it back into communities.

When I am not at work I can be found with the residents I represent as a local councillor, I hold the position of lead member for women’s issues and can often be found taking part in campaigns for gender equality. Failing that you will find me outdoors with my Rescue Greyhound Laser.

Keith Mogford

keith-mogford-photoI’m Keith and I joined MutualGain as an Associate in 2016, having led on their work in accrediting their training as a qualification.

I have a background in post-16 education and training as well as in the voluntary and charity sector.  Both as a teacher and as a manager and on occasions influencer I’ve worked to ensure that individuals and communities have opportunities to believe in themselves and their abilities and to have opportunities to develop skills and progress.  MutualGain’s work is a natural extension of that lifelong interest of mine.

I even follow that interest in my spare time as a parent governor at my local comprehensive school.  In what remains of my time  I’m a mad keen football fan.

Jed Allen

jedwebHello there. I’m Jed – one of the new junior associates to join MutualGain.  My work with MutualGain in the past is orientated around facilitation of events – it was in fact this work which drew me into MutualGain and their philosophy to include ‘the little guy’ in big political decisions.
In parallel to working with MutualGain I am also a first year student at the University Of Nottingham studying Biotechnology. Your first thought might be: “what is a biologist doing with a Social Enterprise?”. Well, when I’m not in the lab playing around with E.coli I’m being fascinated (and often shocked) by the political world we live in. It’s this fascination which is why I wanted to be a Junior Associate with MutualGain – being able to hear so many peoples differing opinions on subject matters in their communities is truly a wonderful experience.

Afua Abedi

afua-headshotI am currently in my first year at the University of Northampton where I study Sociology. I thoroughly enjoy studying social identity; looking at how different characteristics of an individual that cannot be changed may, or may not, set them back in comparison to their peers and how it could be approached to create equality within society, enable for there to be little or no setbacks in the future. These characteristics may include social class, ethnicity, age and gender.

When I am not sat behind my desk reading for my assignments, I enjoy watching the best team in the British Premier League, Arsenal, play.

From a young age, until now, I have always been told by others, my mother in particular, that I have always had a passion in debating topics and also solving problems. From this I now aspire to become a social/youth worker and give more to society through my own enjoyable experiences, such as sports and drama.