Asset Mapping

A process to map existing known assets in your community and discover new ones using the knowledge and experiences of your partners and community.

Asset: An item of value owned; a quality, condition, or entity that serves as an advantage, support, resource, or source of strength
Mapping: To make a map of; to show or establish the features or details of, with clarity like that of a map; to make a survey of, or travel over for, as if for the purpose of making a map

Asset mapping is a popular engagement method that helps you identify sources of strength in the community. The process is not a one-off: it is part of a process that can be repeated to focus on new themes of mapping if needed e.g. social media networks or new informal social groups.

You can work with our in-house geographical specialist to align your asset mapping with your current mapping and information systems – perfect for strengthening your approach to working in communities.


Who is the product for?

Public sector organisations, housing groups or third-sector organisations who want to better understand the assets available in your community.

The Process

We will support your selected participants to work through our unique workbook, which guides learners through the six principles of effective asset mapping to enable them to make the most of this exciting engagement method.

Our supported program will then assist your learners with the process of organising and holding the event, including our attendance to help ensure everything goes smoothly.


  • Community and partners sharing information about the assets in their communities
  • Creation of community energy around their locality and the services available to them
  • 20 participants (staff and/or community) trained in Asset Mapping essentials including progressing through our workbook
  • 20 participants supported to deliver an Asset Mapping Event
  • Support and guidance from our in-house analyst in making the most of your collected data
  • Organisational team of practitioners able to help with future Asset Mapping processes, or to be critical friends of peers in future
  • Shared learning experience across a partnership
  • Full oversight of the process and liaison with commissioning partner/board

We can alternatively conduct the whole asset mapping process for you using our own facilitators, leaving you with a final database of assets and a report/online map.

Case Studies

We worked with Coventry City Council to help them hold an Asset Mapping event to help them allocate their Section 106 funding:

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