MutualGain is pleased to share an exciting new development with you all – our purpose built community engagement e-learning platform, MutualiLearn!

We understand that providing high quality training to your team can be difficult; trying to organise rotas to enable a whole team to be ring fenced for a week or longer can be a drain upon any organisation. Unless constantly practiced knowledge retention can diminish over time. MutualiLearn enables students to revisit, refresh and retain their knowledge.

For all of these reasons, and many more, MutualGain has developed an e-learning system to enable you to provide the same high quality engagement training to your staff remotely and at their convenience. Want all of your staff to be World Cafe wizards, but don’t have the resources to commit your staff to intensive face to face training? Why not get in touch and see how our e-learning system could help your organisation:!

Interested? Check out this short video:

Our system has been designed to make e-learning fun and interactive. If your experience of e-learning is limited to the mandatory mundane clicking, why not learn MutualGain’s successful programme in an easily accessible online format?

Our site is mobile optimised for total control over where and when you do your learning!

Bored on the bus? Tedious train journey? Our lessons are structured into ten minute chunks, giving you the chance to fit your learning into your working day, with the site accessible from your organisation’s mobile or tablet devices.

Sound good? Why not get in touch for a free, no-obligation demo now?

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