Understanding Co-production

This is a term which is very overused, and a practice which is relatively underused despite the genuine desire of public servants to work differently with the communities that they serve.

Co-production is not holding a consultation to ask the public their views on an issue, and then putting into place some of the things they said! That is possibly good consultation (if you complied with all the good practice principles).

Bringing CoProduction to Life

Co-design, co-production and co-delivery are essentially three different processes which all require the equal participation of all.  If you want to shift your approach to one which is genuinely ‘co’llaborative we suggest you start with developing an understanding of what is involved and how to get started!

Those who completed this training often say how enlightening it was to see things from a different perspective – to wear a different hat (literally!). They leave the day inspired to rebalance the power in their service redesign activities.

This is a great film produced by ‘nomorethrowawaypeople’ which cleverly demonstrates the need for better ‘co’llaboration:

Susan Ritchie’s blog on her experience of accessing urgent and emergency care services is a useful reflection on where co-production may have a role in commissioning health services: My night in A and E: a stream of consciousness