Leadership for Social Capital

A programme to strengthen your strategic leadership approach to building social capital, and ensuring your vision is achieved.

Why should you invest in this?

“The community is a major resource with enormous potential, largely untapped, for reducing the number and magnitude of problems”

– Goldstein, 1990
  • Would you like to grow a critical mass of leaders who understand social capital?
  • Is there is a risk you may lose legitimacy and confidence by failing to engage with the public in a shared space?
  • Do you want to maximise community effort to lift life outcomes with your community and strengthen trust in your service?
  • Would you like to find new ways of breaking out of a cycle of increasing levels of demand?


A programme to develop your leadership approach to strengthen and build social capital: “Features of social organisation, such as trust, norms, and networks, that can improve the efficiency of society by facilitating coordinated actions.

– Putnam, 2001

Who is the product for?

Senior leaders from all public sector agencies

The Process

Step 1: Masterclass: A strategic level masterclass designed to enable your executive and senior leaders to understand the concept of social capital and apply it, aligning it to existing target operating models and strategic visions.

Step 2: Achieving transformation through applied learning process: We offer two possible scenarios to take the knowledge from the masterclass and apply it to the organisational operating model: one is a strategic appreciative inquiry process which is a coproduced way of addressing a key operating challenge for building social capital.  The other is a more traditional rapid review of social capital within your organisation and how it could be strengthened.

Both will enable you to bring your vision to life by tapping into the assets within your organisation so that you can connect with the untapped potential and resources from within your communities.

Step 3: Coaching: With a delivery in place from the above we work with a selection of community and senior leaders to coach them through the ‘making it happen’ stage of building social capital. This takes social capital beyond one person’s portfolio to an embedded critical mass of people who can start to rethink public service delivery.

Outputs/Outcomes Expected

  • Understanding of our model of collaboration that provides the three keystones to mobilising your approach leadership and community effort within your existing collaborative
  • Better understanding of how social capital can help you achieve your vision and impact on your target operating model
  • A step change by leaders to develop a stronger and more sustainable approach to community engagement
  • A better understanding of how leadership directly impacts on the growth of social capital

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