Community Curators

Our Community Curators Programme is designed for groups that you already work with – maybe an Independent Advisory Group (Policing) or a Community Forum (Councils) or a Patient Reference Group (Health). They are, in our mind, the curators of communities and can shape change with you in a way that you cannot do it alone.

The programme lasts for nine to twelve months, with the first six months focused on a opportunity to launch or ‘reset’ or ‘refresh’ a group of residents – maybe new members have joined or a new focus has emerged enabling the group to work in a way that generates energy around shared values and those values held by the commissioning team. At the end of the six months of values and team orientated workshops the group co creates a shared terms of reference and a 2-3 year action plan.

With the plan in place we provide coaching for twelve group members to springboard the activities and enable success to be achieved at pace.

The programme supports organisations and communities to move beyond a traditional ‘advisory’ function and seeks to develop a relationship of shared problem solving. The Community Curators relish in the shared responsibility between communities and organisations for creating confident and cohesive communities who respond positively to the challenges set out by the specific organisation and those of the communities they represent.

The objective is to formalise and/or strengthen resident/organisational relationship into one where trusted conversations and a shared work plan can make a positive difference to the lives of all. This is achieved by:

  • Co creating a shared term of reference
  • Generating a two year collaborative action plan that reflects the agreed priorities of the community and the commissioning organisation
  • Extending the work of the group to build a focus on empowerment and enhanced social action