Qualitative Asset Mapping

Asset: An item of value owned; a quality, condition, or entity that serves as an advantage, support, resource, or source of strength
Mapping: To make a map of; to show or establish the features or details of, with clarity like that of a map; to make a survey of, or travel over for, as if for the purpose of making a map


You can see from our visual that Asset Mapping is not a one off activity: it is a dynamic, multi-faceted tool that can be updated with new layers and areas of exploration e.g. new technology and social media networks.

We offer a one day training course which enables participants to work through an interactive workbook and begin to map their activity.

Once you know where the assets are they can become a part of your future engagement processes and help develop your service provision; building on strengths to mobilise collaboration and connectivity.

MutualGain has developed a unique workbook and supported processes to help you to identify and unlock the assets that exist within your community. The programme guides you through the six principles of effective asset mapping to enable you to make the most of this exciting engagement method.

For further information contact us: info@mutualgain.org.

Why not challenge your community to see what assets they could add?
Why not challenge your community to see what assets they could add?