Bespoke Delivery

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Sometimes you just don’t have the staff, the time and/or the knowledge and skills to deliver your engagement.   So why not let us do it for you? We can deliver on your behalf any of the techniques listed in our training section, or work with you to design a programme of engagement that suits your needs. Some examples of bespoke delivery we have been commissioned to do include:

Commissioning Cubes

This is where we work with you and your teams to implement the PB Principles within a commissioning environment. You will have a commissioning budget which needs to be spent differently or a reconfiguration of services that needs public input. This is a new technique developed by MutualGain and tested with our clients in health and youth services. Read these case studies to get a feel for what the commissioning cubes are, and then drop us a line if you’d like some training support:

NECS Urgent Care PB Case Study and Brent PB Case Study


Co-designing the workplan and development of a CCG Public Reference Group

first-draft-of-design-for-kaz-and-russel-to-reviewsr-amendsLewisham CCG recruited 13 members of the public to strengthen their governance arrangements and public accountability. We supported the group over a period of a year to codesign their terms of reference and workplan for the following year.

Exploring the Role and Purpose of a Stakeholder Council

draft-sketch-tower-hamletsTower Hamlets NHS Vanguard team asked MutualGain to explore the potential role and responsibilities of a new and different style of collaborative working between the Board and a group of stakeholders. 

Deep Dives/ Service Reviews

We work with a range of clients to review the strength of a service (Urgent Care, Neighbourhood Working etc), and we sometimes review existing structures for engagement and how they can be improved. This might require us to run a series of interviews and focus groups with the public and staff, or to conduct world cafes or deliberative events to inform new service thinking.

Independent Facilitation

Sometimes you can do all the organisation of a public event but want a strong and effective facilitator to run it for you on the day. We can provide good quality, experienced facilitators, or train your staff to take on this role.

Critical Friend

You may have had training in an engagement technique and want an expert opinion on how well you met the values, principles and detail of the training. We can be your critical friends throughout your planning or just at the point of delivery.