We work collaboratively with many organisations and groups on an ongoing basis to extend the vision and practice of a stronger more connected society.  As a result two strategic partnerships have been formed to support collaboration around your requirements. 

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🎉 Exciting News Alert! 🎉

We’re thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership between MutualGain and The Consultation Institute! 🤝.

Nothing changes for you – it just means we can bring our expertise together to broaden your access to training and support.

This feels like a natural coming together of our expertise in this field over the years. We’ve been friends of the Institute since its establishment, supporting each other’s work whenever possible. Now, as we both grow our organisations, and the world of consultation and engagement come ever more closer together,  it’s the perfect time to collaborate in a more strategic venture. It’s an incredibly exciting time for us all, and I’m certain our shared partners will benefit enormously


Creativity and fun is how we engage so it gives us great pleasure to work more strategically with New Possibilities who are our ‘go to’ provider for visual minutes.  

They are so brilliant that we asked them to develop on online accredited training programme which you can access over at the MutualiLearn training shop.  Check them out!