On occasions, we work collaboratively with others who share our vision.

In 2016, these are the people we have worked collaboratively with to extend the vision and practice of a stronger society:

PB Partners
Andrew Fisher and Susan Ritchie are both PB Partners. PB Partners is a collection of passionate experts in PB who have an agreement to work together to promote the practice of PB. When MutualGain secures work on PB we share it with our PB Partner experts, and we all donate 5% of our income generated through PB Partners to the PB Network (

Collaborate CIC are specialists in whole system approaches to place-based change, helping local authorities and other organisations to build more collaborative relationships between different parts of the public sector, citizens and other local organisations. Collaborate sometimes require community engagement specialists to support their work with clients, and on these occasions MutualGain works closely with them to ensure that citizen perspectives are embedded in the design of local change projects.

When we deliver PB on behalf of our clients we sometimes need an online PB solution. Participare are specialists online PB providers and work with us to offer a blended solution to increase the number and quality of PB participants.

The Democratic Society
MutualGain worked with DemSoc on a large programme for Coventry City Council. Both organisations had worked with Coventry in their independent capacity and the Senior Leaders wanted to bring the best of both together. DemSoc and PB Partners are also working closely together on the PB Scotland developments.