World Café

World Cafés are a great way to start a conversation with the public.

Think of the last time that you sat in a café chatting to one or more people at your table. If you are like us you were probably being nosey, listening to their conversations and you may even have wanted to participate in their conversations. Maybe you had a solution to a problem that they were discussing, shared their experience and wanted to build on that learning?

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World Cafés are creative – and people love them!

The use of World Cafés as a method of understanding complex issues is growing. They are often the start of a wider engagement process and provide an opportunity to discuss, listen and exchange views about specific community issues.

The World Café is a process that enables you to ‘harvest’ the thoughts of people who sometimes have a different reality, or different experiences – perfect to use in diverse communities.

We offer a one day training course and supported delivery to help you put your training into practice.

You can get a feel for what an event might look like by looking at this café menu from an event held by Thames Valley Police: TVP WC Menu.

Some of the issues that we have supported people to explore include: exploitation, nuisance caused by scrambler bikes, environmental issues and understanding community divisions.

For more information on World Cafés please get in touch by email at:

World Cafes are a great way to engage with the disengage
Check out this World Café being used to discuss problem off road biking
Check out this World Café focusing on off road biking, it’s wheely good!
Check out these great examples of World Cafés being used across the UK:
Soho and Victoria World Cafe
Smethwick, West Midlands

This partnership used a World Café to build the capacity of the community and get them discussing how to work together for a stronger, safer community.

Tipton World Cafe
West Midlands

In Tipton the partnership wanted to hear more about what challenges the community were facing and what they valued most about living in the area. “We’ve tried the conventional methods…and they don’t work!”

NP19 Connecting Cafe
Ringland and Alway, Newport Gwent

The partnership in Newport wanted to hear about the insights and experiences of the Ringland and Alway community in relation to serious and organised crime. This is the first stage of a three stage project including participatory budgeting and a festival of learning.

There’s loads more information on World Cafés here: The World Café Community Foundation (TWCCF)