Change Cubes

Five stages to better engagement with commissioning priorities or service restructuring.

MutualGain has developed a new technique to support strategists who seek wider engagement with their service or commissioning options. The cubes enable a process of co design that incorporates high quality inclusive engagement with staff and/or the public.

The detail on the cubes – and the process of debating them – not only act as a brilliant engagement tool but they are a really useful learning tool too!

They are most effectively used by commissioners (internal and external use) or leaders undertaking internal restructuring or change programmes (internal use).

Who is the product for?

Commissioners or Service Redesigners (Internal or External Engagement)

The Process

External Engagement
This technique is a helpful tool to use on the often challenging or controversial changes that service leads grapple with. It is particularly useful where there is increased demand and reducing or very limited resources.

The process takes the public beyond a ‘wish list’ and through a process of learning about what is and isn’t possible within a specified budget.

It builds in space for fresh ideas and thinking from the community, and as a result can help reduce duplication of services, potentially reduce demand, and enhance meaningful dialogue with the community.

Internal Engagement
Change programmes often miss the valuable opportunity to embark on meaningful dialogue with the assets within organisations. This will enable architects of change to harness the power of organisational subcultures. Difficult resourcing and budget discussions can be more creative and progressive when they include those most affected by the change, and those who are not. As a result of the dialogue, greater understanding of the impact on people and workloads are better understood and therefore enhanced understanding of implementation is secured. This process encourages shared dialogue, promotes innovative thinking and unleashes hidden existing good practice and ideas.


  • Coproduced material for option/service development
  • Greater engagement in ‘tricky’ budgetary decisions
  • Access to new and fresh ideas within a specified budget
  • Increased budget literacy for all
  • Creative, meaningful dialogue – beyond the ‘wish list’
  • Output Report (optional)
  • Better understanding of the change process – what can and can’t be expected

Case Studies

NECS (pdf download)

Brent Youth Services (pdf download)

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