Focus Groups

We provide practical training in how to deliver focus groups. We also run focus groups for clients when we are conducting research for them.  The training summary is outlined below.  If you require us to do some research for you click here for a more detailed conversation on your requirements.
Why not learn how to do Focus Groups properly with us?  They are very insightful and can help you build a much better understanding of specific groups or themes.

Whilst focus groups are not technically a strengths based approach to engagement, they are often used to provide insight, pre or post strengths based activity.  They can be used to research communities or provide organisational insight which can in turn help you to build the social capital with the people and places that you most need to.

Focus groups should provide an opportunity to listen to alternative perspectives: this can give an accurate insight into the thoughts, experiences or perspectives of a community that may form part of a larger piece of engagement.

I think the focus groups for me stood out more than anything

This comment was made by someone whose job includes planning and running focus groups; after their training this participant realised that they had been doing it wrong and had missed opportunities.  Now they use their learning and support the wider organisation to develop their insight.

I loved the focus group training – I can’t wait to go and put it into practice

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