Building Social Capital can be a challenge when addressing the complexities of changing communities.  Our programmes support you to achieve mutual gain in all your engagement – that is where statutory organisations, non statutory organisations, and communities work together in a shared space to create fresh relationships, better conversations, and stronger active social responsibility.
When untapped skills, knowledge and competencies emerge, new learning is created.  We have a motto in MutualGain – “capture the learning” – and we capture it in a variety of ways as you will see throughout this site. The video below shows our approach to training:
Two of our most recent exciting developments are our online learning platform called MutualiLearn, and our Level 4 OCN accreditation, called Building Social Capital Through Community Engagement. You can achieve this through a blend of on and off line teaching and learning experiences: see more about online learning.

As well as our strengths based engagement methods, we teach a range of additional techniques as listed below:

Our OCN Qualification provides national recognition of your engagement skills

Course Title
Accredited by OCN
Available Online
Available Offline
Rethinking Public Service: Building Social Capital  ✔  ✔
Reframing Community Engagement for Social Capital  ✔  ✔  ✔
Using Appreciative Inquiry Processes in Community Engagement  ✔  ✔  ✔
Coding and Analysis data from an Engagement Event  ✔  ✔  ✔
Conducting Effective Focus Groups  ✔  ✔
Planning a World Cafe event  ✔  ✔  ✔
Asset Mapping in Community Engagement  ✔  ✔  ✔
Participatory Budgeting  ✔  ✔  ✔
Understanding Co-production  ✔
Positive Deviance  ✔

Check out this feedback from a recent training course:

The inspirational manner of the speaker was motivating.  I can see clear benefits to my day job.

As a former trainer at the Scottish Police College I can be fairly critical but I cant fault this.  Good blend of facilitative teaching methods, knowledgeable instructor and a good level to pitch at.

Trainer was well versed on the subject and able to answer questions.  Good practical participation!

Presentation was well thought out and easily followed.