Reflections on 2013: Blog 1, Systems Vs People

  I know the two aren’t distinct but what I learned this year, more than any other, are the limitations of making the language of social policy a reality.  There is a lot of talk about ‘putting the community at the heart of a new way of working’: ‘localism over centralism’; ‘systems change’, ‘behavioural change’,[…]

January 1st 2014
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Making the Fairy Tale Real: a story of inactive to active citizenship

“Mentally, I was drained; Physically, I was done; and emotionally I was dead. Now I have new life” These are the words of a resident who had no faith, trust or confidence in public services or her community. ‘From Fairy Tale to Reality’ is the title of a recent INVOLVE/RSA publication which sets out five[…]

October 23rd 2013
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Are you telling or listening to your community?

by Dr Andrew Fisher and Susan Ritchie The last few weeks have seen some very troubling headlines for the police which raises questions about their legitimacy and the confidence that the public have in their ability to keep them safe.  Despite much work being done to address the ‘confidence’ issue over the years, we know[…]

July 24th 2013