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Policing: Inspiration and Despair – knife crime is not our only problem

    I’ve been talking all things policing over the last couple of weeks with a broad variety of interested parties – whether it’s at the launch of the new Serious and Organised Crime Strategy, the findings from the Home Affairs Committee, or the Police Foundation Conference exploring innovation in policing. The dialogue I have[…]

November 20th 2018
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Modern Neighbourhood Policing – form or function?

Over the past few months I have shared a number of platforms with the College of Policing and the Police Foundation on the subject of Neighbourhood Policing. We agree on so much about the principles that underpin good neighbourhood policing, yet I would argue that ‘good’ cannot be achieved through function and structure alone. Effective,[…]

November 13th 2018
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Fourteen years I’ve been a police officer. Ask me why, and I’ll give you a rather mechanised response, “To help people”. And so will, no doubt, the majority if not all other police officers to who you pose this question. I didn’t join the police service to help people per se but it’s often a[…]

October 29th 2018
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Developing evidence based policing: Building social capital

Susan Ritchie examines the case for developing evidence based policing to increase community engagement whilst making best use of shrinking resources. This blog originally appeared on the Policing Insight site.  Evidence based policing is the order of the day for the government: PCCs and the Chief Constables are to ensure that public resources are allocated[…]

August 1st 2017

Success at “Unity in the Community” Participatory Budgeting Event

On Saturday 6th March, Andrew and Owen from MutualGain  spent the day at ‘Unity in the Community‘ Participatory Budgeting (PB) event at the Greek Cypriot Association in Birmingham.  The events was the culmination of training and support provided by MutualGain to the Birmingham East neighbourhood police team, partners and active citizens. Throughout this period a[…]

March 10th 2017

PCCs and Innovation: Innovating for Better Community Engagement

This blog builds on the learning from the MutualGain networked learning and support programme which has been tested in two police forces – one large and one small. The visual above captures emerging themes from cohorts when asked what would need to happen to police with, by and for communities: what would policing look like[…]

December 3rd 2014

Football and Policing Social Citizens

I was challenged recently to consider how the MutualGain programme (capacity building the police to engage with the public differently) reflected a game of football.  It was important for me to test this metaphor as it came from a participant of the programme: I wanted him to present with me at the Citizens in Policing[…]

February 22nd 2014
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Are you telling or listening to your community?

by Dr Andrew Fisher and Susan Ritchie The last few weeks have seen some very troubling headlines for the police which raises questions about their legitimacy and the confidence that the public have in their ability to keep them safe.  Despite much work being done to address the ‘confidence’ issue over the years, we know[…]

July 24th 2013