West Midlands Police – Online World Cafes

Hello and Welcome!

This is the page for those who are a part of the WMP online World Cafe programme

Here, you will find links to the documents that you will need to deliver an effective World Cafe.

The MutualGain contacts for the programme are

World Cafe Host – Susan Ritchie.  Susan@mutualgain.org

Trainer – Dr Andrew Fisher – andrew@mutualgain.org

Event Support – Becky Thomson – becky@mutualgain.org

Online World Cafe  Plan

This document has been drawn to gather to help you to plan and deliver your event.  If you have any questions, please contact the MutualGain team.

Examples of Key Documents

Here you will find examples of manus and briefing documents.  Please use these as a template and create your own.

Menus can easily be created using MS Word.



Menu 2

Menu 3


Table Host Brief 1

Table Etiquette and Table Host skills

Table etiquette

Table Host Skills

Recruiting Targets

Recruiting Targets