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Welcome to MutualGain’s online learning platform, MutualiLearn. MutualiLearn is one of the access routes to our level 3 or level 4 qualifications in Building Social Capital through Community Engagement. Designed in house by the MutualGain team, this qualification is nationally accredited through the Open College Network (London)and Ofqual.

MutualiLearn has been developed to help organisations to build social capital with communities through a high-quality learning platform.

You will be given the option to complete single modules (e.g. Planning and Delivering an Effective World Café) or you can choose to complete the full level 3 or 4 qualification by choosing one of the bundle options as listed below.

  1. Reframing community engagement
  2. Rethinking public services
  3. An introduction to coding and analysis
  4. Planning and delivering an effective World Café
  5. An introduction Participatory Budgeting
  6. An introduction to Appreciative Inquiry

Please note: if you are completing the full qualification, modules 1-3 listed above are mandatory. You will then be able to choose two of the remaining modules.

The qualification will involve completing a series of modules through the medium of narrated presentations, supported by film and podcasts, each followed by a quiz and short written assessment.

You will be connected to a fully qualified Group Leader (tutor) from MutualGain, who will provide remote support through email, telephone or Zoom/Teams wherever possible.

We want to help you achieve this qualification to the best of your abilities.

Work will be internally moderated by the MutualGain trainers and assessors before being externally moderated through OCN.

Learners will be regularly advised as to whether or not submissions meet the assessment criteria.  This will be done once a month (normally the 28th of each month  ). Updates on submissions are completed automatically in relation to all submission received five days prior to the 28th.

To find out more information, you can read our Assessment Policy. It is the intention of MutualGain that our assessment process remain transparent, fair and just for all learners. All learners have the right to appeal against any assessment decision.

We hope that you thoroughly enjoy completing your qualification through MutualiLearn, but if you do have any complaints, please feel free to contact your Group Leader who will be pleased to help.

Below is a list of relevant policies that we suggest that you download and read.  Our policies are reviewed annually, so they may change from the version that you download.

Finally – we would like to wish you the best of luck and we look forward to sharing our learning with you.


Susan Ritchie
Director MutualGain


Further policies that relate to your learning are shown below:

Complaints Policy

Appeals Policy

Privacy Policy


Welcome to MutualGain’s online learning platform, MutualiLearn.  MutualiLearn is one of the access routes to our level 3 or level 4 qualifications in Building Social Capital through Community Engagement.  Designed in house by the MutualGain team, this qualification is nationally accredited through the Open College Network (London) and Ofqual.  It has been developed to help organisations to build social capital with communities through a high quality learning platform.

This guide has been developed to help you to select the individual modules or level 3 or 4 bundles that suit your learning needs.  Whether you are looking to purchase modules as an individual learner or for a number of learners, the guide will take you through the selection and payment process.

Please be aware that some organisations IT systems may prevent you from being able to download the registration form that you will need.  It maybe worthwhile checking with your IT department and letting them know that you will be making an online purchase using MutualiLearn

To access the platform, click here   We have created a five step process to help to get you started.The five steps are shown below, but essentially, all you need to do is browse the modules available, select whether you want to learn online or offline and register using the button at the bottom of the Choose Your Modules page (see Fig 1.) and buy your modules.

Fig. 1

In this step, you need to provide some information that will allow you to purchase the modules that you desire.  Once you have added the required information, we will send you an email that will activate your account (see Fig.2 ).  Don’t forget to check your spam in case the activation email drops in there.



Once you activate your account, you will receive a second email that will automatically select a password for you (see Fig. 3).  It is really important that you copy this password and save it somewhere as you will need it later.


Your next step will re-set your password.    Having copied your password (see below), all you need to do is to click the re-set button.  Your account is now active and you can log in.


Fig. 4


To log in, just enter the following URL into your browser – https://learning.mutualgain.org. Or click here.  You can then select the log in button as shown in the top right hand corner of Fig.5

Fig. 5


You will then be presented with the screen shown in Fig.5.  Here you can add in your log in details (usually firstname.surname) and enter the password that you saved earlier.

If you are buying a bundle for the full level 3 or 4 qualification, then the easiest way to do this is to select the Our Modules tab at the top of the page and choose Level 3 or Level 4. You can then chose the bundle that you desire and add them to your basket (see Fig 6).

Fig. 6

Once you have selected the correct bundle, you will be taken to the Basket Update page.  This page contains a lot of information as shown in Fig 7.

Fig. 7

Here, you can see the modules in your bundle.  You can also see the price for your purchase and the number of seats purchased.  If you are buying a number of seats, then this is where you use the Quantity button to increase the number of seats that you require.

Once you click on Update Basket, your overall total will be calculated. Once you are happy that you have purchased the correct bundle and the correct number of seats, you can Proceed to Checkout or you can pay via PayPal.

Please note – you will NOT be given access to your learning modules until MutualGain have proof of payment.  But don’t worry. this is usually done within a very short time of purchase

When you are ready to checkout, you will have to add in billing details as per Fig. 8.


Fig. 8

Most of the information required on this page is self-explanatory, however, it is important that you add a Group Name.   This is the name that your group will be registered as on MutualiLearn.  This is important as Assessors will be assigned to this group for marking purposes.  If you are buying a large number of seats, then you may wish to register the learners in smaller groups e.g., Divisions, or work groups.

Once you have placed your purchase, you will be able to add some information in relation to the additional seats that you have paid for. You can add one seat (see Fig.9), or you can add multiple seats (Fig.10), depending on how many you have purchased.  In each case, the person that you are adding will receive a confirmation email that will enable them to log in


Fig. 9

If you choose to add one seat, you will see the screen shown at Fig.10

Fig. 10


If you choose to add multiple seats, you will see the screen shown at Fig. 11.

Fig. 11

When each new person initially logs in, they will be asked to supply information that is required to register them with the Open College Network (London).  They will then be able to start their learning.

In the event that you forget to purchase seats, you can use the button highlighted in the Enrolled Users page to add additional learners.

If you. need help, please contact andrew@mutualgain.org.