Skegness Participatory Budgeting Application Form

Participatory Budgeting Funding Opportunity for Skegness 

The voting event is to be held on 1st April 2022 from 6pm – 8pm

Lincolnshire Police have made £15,000 available for a Participatory Budgeting programme to address community safety in Skegness. The aim is to address the key themes that emerged from the Jolly’s World Cafe community conversation held in late 2021

Participatory Budgeting (PB) puts community members in control of allocating funds to projects that benefit the community. PB is a democratic process where applicants that meet the criteria set out below, are asked to give a short presentation about their project, and Skegness residents vote for the projects that they believe will be of most benefit to the community and address community safety in the area.

If you would like more information on the PB process please Click here to go to our FAQ document. 

Any community group, resident, or organisation can bid for a share of the £15,000. Your bid should address the theme shown below:

  • Civic Participation –  Community Activities, Services and Support 

How Does The PB Process Work?

The local community will decide who is awarded the money based on the projects that they like the most, the process is as follows:

  1. Applications will be submitted for up to £2,500.
  2. This application form will be checked to ensure that it meets the full criteria (set out below).
  3. Applicants that meet the criteria will be invited to put together a 3-minute presentation in support of their bid. Each applicant will present in sequence at a decision day event and the community will then be allowed to vote once for each project.
  4. At the event, the community and other groups will be in attendance and they will vote on the projects being presented to them.
  5. Votes are counted on the day, and the winning projects will be informed of their success before the event closes.

Criteria – who can apply for the funding?

  • We welcome bids from community groups and residents that are 14 years old or older. Applicants aged 14-18yrs must have the support of an appropriate adult. Young people would be especially welcome as part of presentations in support of bids
  • Applicants must be from the Skegness area.
  • Applicants are only able to submit one application.

Timeline of Events

  • If you would like help with your application or would like to learn about what works in Participatory Budgeting, then we will be holding an application support session  – at 5.30 -6.30 23rd February 2022.   See the Jolly’s World Cafe Facebook page for the link
  • Please let us know if you would like to attend one of these sessions by emailing us at Details will also be posted on our Facebook site
  • Please ensure the application form is submitted by 5pm on 11th March 2022.  (Late submissions will not be considered).
  • Those who meet the criteria for the fund will be notified on 18th March 2022
  • The Participatory Budgeting event will take place on (Time date and Location to be confirmed.)


At present, it is our intention to hold a live event (face to face).  We are monitoring COVID restrictions and all decisions with regard to the voting event will be COVID compliant.

  • Those attending are required to vote on all bids at the event, failure to do so renders that voting form inadmissible.
  • Anyone is welcome to come along and vote, as long as you are over the age of 14yrs and you live in the Skegness area! 

If you would like to apply for up to £2,500 please click here.

Good luck!