Community Coaching

Executive quality coaching adapted for community leaders, community champions, expert patients, lay members, non-executive directors, cohorts of individuals sharing their ‘lived experiences’

When should I use this?

  • When you want to support local social action
  • When you have a group with the governance responsibility to be your critical friend
  • When you have passionate individuals, who want to make a difference
  • When you want to empower individuals to recognise their own strengths and implement their organisational or community goals

When wouldn’t I use this?

  • When you need large-scale community conversations
  • When you don’t have a group of known individuals to invest in
  • If you feel the potential within communities is insignificant in relation to your service and/or change programme

How does MutualGain deliver this?

  • Support you over a period of three to six months
  • Provide a network of highly qualified and experienced coaches
  • Use a blend of group coaching and individual coaching sessions
  • Agree with the participants whether they prefer on or off-line coaching

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