Co-created Reference Groups

A powerful model to strengthen local governance – co-created reference groups build the skills of community members to work with providers and commissioners on sustaining accountability and transparency

When should I use this?

  • When you want to bring together members of the community to act as a trusted critical friend
  • When you want to test new ideas regularly prior to formal consultation and engagement
  • When you need to have difficult conversations about new thinking or controversial issues
  • When your transformation programme needs regular testing with key community champions

 When wouldn’t I use this?

  • When you need a quick decision
  • When you are unable or unwilling to share sensitive information
  • When you do not have time to build a relationship with community champions

How does MutualGain deliver this?

  • Work with you to understand the local context and history
  • Adapt to local needs, whether it’s a few creative workshops or a longer process to develop and embed a shared action plan
  • Support community members before, during and after to address anxieties and build confidence
  • Help draft terms of reference, action plans and other key documents

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