Citizen Focused General Practice

GPs are facing increased demand, whether that’s through new builds, a new demographic or increasing expectations from health care professionals. This programme will help you do more with more: we work with you to address the increase in demand by building on the assets and strengths within your GP neighbourhood. Your relationship with the public can change and it can strengthen your business plans simultaneously.

When should I use this?

  • When you want to ensure that Self Care goes beyond risk management to appropriate signposting to other healthcare professionals, and/or third sector opportunities appropriately
  • When you want to strengthen the cultural norms between the relevant system navigators at the heart of the GP reception desk
  • When you want to develop a collaboration of networks that span GP practices and or clusters of primary care services
  • When you aspire to navigate innovatively in order to address demand
  • When you want to increase the trust that your patients, family and wider community have in your practice.

When wouldn’t I use this?

  • When you already have high levels of performance from your care navigator services
  • When you are seeking a large scale deliberative discussion with patients and the public
  • When you are consulting the public on new initiatives or significant changes

How does MutualGain deliver this?

  • We build on our professional network of health associates to bring a provocative and practical way to work with your GP practice/cluster in three stages:
    • Stage 1: Place based paradigm visit to inform the bespoke nature of the training to follow
    • Stage 2: Deliver core training to all care navigators and other front line professionals
    • Stage 3: coaching for change and identifying what works and what doesn’t (shared stories and networking opportunities)

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