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BRENT CO2GO – Pot 2 – Education, Awareness Raising and Innovation






Education, Awareness Raising and Innovation


Brent’s Carbon Offset Fund comes to a total of £500,000. With this in mind the community planning group have decided to split the fund into two separate pots with different themes guiding the application process.

The first theme and fund is focused on tangible carbon reduction measures, this pot totals £400,000. If you would like to apply to this pot please click here.


The second theme and the focus of the fund described below is focused on education, awareness raising and innovation, this pot totals £100,000.


Description of the fund

As part of the Education, Awareness Raising and Innovation fund, residents of Brent are able to apply for up to £XXXX to support work in the community under these themes.

The aim of this work is to reduce carbon emissions from homes and buildings in Brent through awareness raising, education and even new technology.


Who can apply?

Any resident or group within Brent can apply.


What do I have to do?

In order to apply, you will need to fill out the form below and explain what you would do with the funding, whether that be a new innovation or community engagement program on carbon reduction. Once you have done this, we (the planning group) will sift the applications to ensure everyone meets the criteria. Once your application has been approved you will be invited to submit a three minute video on what the funding would mean to you attend a live community bidding day, where all applications will be played to the community and voted on (by the public). The winning bids will receive the funding!


Application deadlines close on the XXX