Modern Neighbourhood Policing – form or function?

Over the past few months I have shared a number of platforms with the College of Policing and the Police Foundation on the subject of Neighbourhood Policing. We agree on so much about the principles that underpin good neighbourhood policing, yet I would argue that ‘good’ cannot be achieved through function and structure alone. Effective,[…]

November 13th 2018
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Fourteen years I’ve been a police officer. Ask me why, and I’ll give you a rather mechanised response, “To help people”. And so will, no doubt, the majority if not all other police officers to who you pose this question. I didn’t join the police service to help people per se but it’s often a[…]

October 29th 2018
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A journey of a 1000 miles, starts with a single step…

It was 2016. The bare school sports hall was harshly lit with neon tube lighting, flickering occasionally on the few people present who were sat, perched on uncomfortably low chairs; those chairs seemed huge when I was a kid. Conversation was stilted. Despite my repeated outline of reduced staff against a backdrop of austerity budgets[…]

October 18th 2018
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Don Pedro’s Arrival and The Housing Green Paper. 

So, there’s still plenty of time to comment on the government’s Green Paper on Housing, with the consultation deadline pointing at 6th November. The five principles that hold it up provide ample food for thought:    Ensuring homes are safe and decent;    Swift resolution of disputes and complaints;    Empowering residents and making sure[…]

October 10th 2018
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The Top Five Skills Needed to Help Build Social Capital

The following blog was written by Ernie Hendricks, one of the learners on MutualiLearn.  The blog was submitted as part of his endeavours to achieve a level 4 qualification in Building Social Capital Through Community Engagement. People have been asking about the community engagement work I’ve been doing. I figured I’d pen a quick note to[…]

October 3rd 2018
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Improving Democracy Through Dialogue – Stockholm, Sweden May 2018

      I am writing this during the lunchtime session of day one at the SALAR conference on Participatory Budgeting.  I am in Stockholm, Sweden (a very expensive place to eat and drink – £8 for a beer!). This blog is a way of me adopting the role of social reporter – not a[…]

May 17th 2018
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LFRS – World Café at Revoe School in Blackpool provides ‘Mutual Gain’

ON the evening of Thursday the 14th September nine months of multi-agency collaboration culminated in the delivery of a World Café at Revoe School in Blackpool. This is part of a MutualGain initiative from the Home Office which trains staff to engage with communities in a completely different way. The aim of the café is[…]

September 22nd 2017

Developing evidence based policing: Building social capital

Susan Ritchie examines the case for developing evidence based policing to increase community engagement whilst making best use of shrinking resources. This blog originally appeared on the Policing Insight site.  Evidence based policing is the order of the day for the government: PCCs and the Chief Constables are to ensure that public resources are allocated[…]

August 1st 2017

Carly Griffith – My first week at MutualGain

Carly Griffith – our new Intern for Health and Inequality, shares her thoughts on her first week at MutualGain.           Monday 17th July 2017 – First meeting with MutualGain. The day started off with an early morning train down to Birmingham, where the meeting was set to take place at Moseley[…]

July 26th 2017

Consultation Institute Conference – Public Engagement in The Post-Truth Age

Susan Ritchie, Director of MutualGain and an Associate at the Consultation Institute, writes her latest blog about the recent Consultation Institute Conference. A useful read for all working in organisations who go to consultation, or those active citizens who might wish to challenge a decision made!     I attended the annual conference for the[…]

July 25th 2017