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Welcome to the PB page for the 11am Sunday 28th March PB event.

Here, you will be able to read a short description of each programme that will be shown on the Sunday morning.

If you would like to view the short description in a different language, then please use the table at the top of this page and select the language of choice.

Please note – this will not be the running order for the day of the event

Happy reading!


1) Supporting Mental Health Within the Home: £5,804

Our project Supporting mental health will provide free training in

  • 3x MH first aid lv1+2
  • 3x Trauma recovery module with active listening and counselling skills
  • 3x 3 day first aid at work
  • 3x 1 day first aid at work
  • 3x FASTT this is designed to support families where a family member has experienced trauma, by providing tools to support mental health in the home. This will be available to their partners or Carer and service children 16+

This will also be made available to professional support services that also support veterans and their families which will include doctors, mental health workers, support workers, teachers that have service children in their classrooms .

The idea behind this is to not just strengthen the services provided to veterans and their families but also give the family unit itself the tools and the skill set to be able to spot early signs of mental health within the home, this will significantly improve the chances of early intervention. So if we can teach the service and the partner of the veteran to look out for signs and symptoms of ptsd and other various forms of MH we teach them the tools and give guidance on what forms of support to teach out for and essentially work out what stage they are at. This will greatly improve the chances of a better outcome.This will hugely improve the mental health support that is available in Newport not just for veterans and their families but also other support networks with other community groups so will benefit the community as a whole

We anticipate there will be a rise in requests for support with mental health in Newport and would like to share our experience and skill set to train support workers, doctors, teachers, and others that work with not just veterans and service families but the community as a whole.

Training will be provided and delivered by Gareth noble of Noble training solutions ltd who has offered us a huge discount for his services and will be free of charge to everyone eligible. Gareth is a veteran himself of 5 years and is also a trained counsellor and Practitioner in trm and cbt and also worked many years for the prison service as a senior officer Managing the special units. He is Training manger for 13 children’s care homes 120 staff.

2) Tin Shed Theatre – Mobile Living Room: £10,000

Introducing The Mobile Living Room, travelling across Newport this summer! Weekends of free pop-up happenings and live streamed events in collaboration with Sofa Share Wales. The Mobile Living Room is, yes, you guessed it, a transportable Living room. A sofa with built-in speakers, rug and reading lamp that can be packed up and transported by pedal power across Newport’s parks and urban spaces. So, bring a rug, bring your nan and see what’s on the sofa!

The sofa will host a programme of live music, storytellers, community performances and talks of Newport past and present. The £10,000 fund will allow Tin Shed to pay for professional designers and community participants to make the portable room and pay performers and community groups to get creative. All performances will be live streamed via Sofa Share Wales, to make sure no one misses out. People from across the world can see how cool Newport really is! Tin Shed also plans to create an Urban Book share project made from upcycled fridges that will pop-up around Newport.

As a company, Tin Shed pride themselves on making bespoke happenings on multiple scales whilst keeping community participation at the core. We want to get people outside to seize their surroundings and tell their stories. The Mobile Living Room will be open to all who walk past it or who want to be a part of it, it will not financially discriminate and will be suitable for all ages and abilities.

3) Jubilee Park Primary School Garden Project: £10,000

We are bidding for £10,000 towards the cost of developing the Garden Project for Jubilee Park Primary School. We are planning to include within our project:

  • 14 large planters (one for each classroom) for the children to plant, grow, harvest, cook and eat their own fruits and vegetables all incorporated into developing the National Curriculum.
  • Ks2 outdoor fire pit, for the children to learn outdoors about fire safety and enjoy hot drinks in the cooler months.
  • A large sail style shade covering so that the children have some relief from the sun in the summer months whilst outside during learning and playtime.
  • Paths to connect all these areas including a sensory path allowing all children to access the outdoor learning space including the children who need wheelchair access.

The Garden project will be connected to the current outdoor learning classroom and be used by the entire school on a regular basis, including our children who attend the Learning Resource Base.

This project will boost the children’s mental health hugely after having an incredibly disruptive year being in and out of school due to the coronavirus pandemic. It will also give them inspiration as they learn the full food cycle, the outdoor environment and the wildlife that can be encouraged to live and grow right on their doorstep.

4) St Julian’s Next High School Musical: £5,000

The Drama Club at St Julian’s secondary school is ready to take centre stage!

For years, the Drama Club members have toiled ceaselessly to finance the annual shows that not only bring joy to the cast and crew, but to the hundreds of audience members who applaud their efforts at the end of each nightly show.

Every year, thousands of pounds is needed to afford the rental costs of specialist equipment (sound dampening curtains, show licence fees, band hire, etc.) and this means hundreds of hours spent fundraising by the students.  While this work ethic and determination is admirable, the Friends of St Julians’ PTFA feel we need to allow the students to focus more on learning their lines and enjoying their time at school, instead of packing groceries every weekend in supermarkets.

Please help us by voting for our project which will allow the Drama Club to buy the sound dampening curtains (£1000 to rent each year), some generic costumes (usually loaned from friends and family), pay the licence fee for the new show and will cover some of the band hire fees too. Musical theatre is one thing all of us have missed in lockdown, so please allow our local children to get back to doing what they love while also developing essential skills for adult life, such as teamwork and oracy skills.

The show must go on – but we need your help to make this happen! Please vote for us!

5) KidScape: £6,950

Community Leaders and Peer Mentoring to support children and young people and prevent harm in Newport 

Kidscape is seeking £6,950 to grow our Community Leader and Peer Mentoring training programmes in Newport, with the aim of creating supportive communities that keep children and young people in Newport safe from bullying and harm.

Bullying can happen in school, in the community, in the home and online. Anxiety, mental health problems and low self-confidence are common among children who have experienced bullying, and the negative, long-term effects can be felt into their adult lives.

Our Community Leader programme would be open to young people and young adults who have an opportunity to change children’s lives for the better. In Newport, we want to train young adults in the local community to share advice and give support to their younger peers in relation to bullying.  As well as the direct impact in terms of enabling greater local support for children’s mental health, self-esteem and resilience, those who take part learn skills such as active listening, interpersonal skills and emotional awareness. Meanwhile, our Peer Mentoring training programme aims to improve the emotional wellbeing of children and young people by “matching” pupils of a similar age or with similar interests/experience with younger pupils in one-to-one non-judgemental relationships, to provide guidance and serve as positive role models.

If we were to be successful in securing a grant through Newport Participatory Budgeting Funding, we could deliver five lots of Community Leader training and five of Peer Mentoring in the Newport area. In our experience, this means a total of at least 600 children and young people will be supported.


6) Glaswllch Primary School – Timber Trail: £9,713

We’re requesting £9,713.00 for a replacement Timber Trail –  a series of wooden play structures, designed to stimulate excitement, imagination, social and behavioural development of young children.

Our young people have been superstars over the last year and we couldn’t be prouder. However, lockdown and necessary school closure has affected the mental health of many of our young people leaving them feeling anxious, lacking self and social confidence, frustrated and for some, angry.  Our children have desperately missed the fun of playing with each other, but this lack of peer interaction has inhibited the development of physical and social skills so important in these formative years.

Now more than ever, outdoor play is crucial to physical development, but it also stimulates positive emotions which are so important for our young people returning back to full time education. The Timber Trail will provide our young people with a dedicated safe space to rebuild their own confidence through the reestablishment of friendships, peer play and excitement!

Our current Trail is beyond repair. It’s been well loved for over 15 years and is integral to our outdoor learning provision. The reduction in Local Authority funding, limited fund-raising opportunities, and the impact the pandemic has had on our parent population has hit our fund raising hard and without this grant we will be unable to replace it. This is a huge opportunity for all of us in the Glaswllch family and we know the trail will put a massive smile on over 250 faces!


7) Ringland Community Group – Wellbeing Trips: £7,000

We would love to continue to offer free sports and social activities for the youth in our area. Our football (11-18) and Rugby (7-13) have proven to be a success, with plans for mother and toddler group, netball and gymnastics to come in the future. We also plan to further our support and services to create a band group for all ages and abilities. With this funding we can ensure that our goal of growing our charity to be able to offer various wellbeing walks and activities to all the service users. Our aim is to provide and allow those without transport experiences of walking through our beautiful countryside, lovely beaches and wildlife hills. This is to not only improve the mental and physical bodies of those involved but also the social interaction and emotional wellbeing. Many have seen Twmbarlwm from Newport but not many have seen Newport from Twmbarlwm. We also wish to provide overnight camping  experiences that many would never get the opportunity to enjoy either due to lack of funds or transport issues. We have politely asked for £7,000 to cover buying of a 16 seater minibus, music equipment, extra training for volunteers and also cost of insurance, DBS certificates and public liabilities.

Thanks for reading and please vote for Ringland community group.

8) Community House – Ceiling for Change: £10,000

We need £10,000 for a fit-for-purpose hall ceiling at Community House, Eton Road.

The 70-year-old hall hosts regular and one-off community activities across generations, faiths, cultures, 7 days a week, “building stronger, caring community together.”


  • Battering over the years has greatly damaged the ancient ceiling.
  • We cannot run appropriate bridge-building sport and play sessions for fear of flimsy ceiling tiles and lights being constantly broken.
  • The high ceiling loses heat.
  • Community House has lost its main source of income (room hire) over the past 12 months, so cannot undertake this vital refurbishment.


  • The fabric advised for the new purpose-built ceiling will greatly improve acoustics AND be resilient for sports to take place.
  • The lower, better-insulated ceiling will reduce the space to be heated.
  • Modern, low-energy lighting will be much more energy-efficient.
  • The local Maindee community has been disproportionately affected by the pandemic – many losing loved ones. Coming into a bright, refurbished hall will lift the spirits of all who enter – for many Community House is their second home – a haven against loneliness.
  • Once the ceiling is fixed, volunteers will redecorate the rest of the hall before the building reopens after lockdown.

We have been given a one-off, special charity-rate, environmentally-friendly quotation for the works of £11,952.  Our Community Youth Project has just received an award of £1,000.  Community House will find the missing £952 if we can raise £10,000 now to turn our old meeting hall into a multi-purpose hall fit for activities for all ages! 

9) Lliswerry High – Digital Equality Project: £10,000

Lliswerry High School’s project is focused on achieving equity and enabling the opportunity for young people to reach their true potential. It addresses digital disadvantage and the national priority in Wales of closing the poverty and disadvantage gap between children. We are bidding for £10,000 to purchase approximately 57 Chromebooks, in order to support the large number of our learners who are adversely affected by poverty and disadvantage. This would include vulnerable learners in the following groups:

  • Eligible for Free School Meals (FSM)
  • English as an additional language (EAL)
  • Gypsy, Roma Traveller (GRT)
  • Refugees/asylum seekers/migrants

The gap between those families and learners who are digitally disadvantaged and those who are not has never been so apparent. This has widened the overall disadvantage gap that already existed. Despite using all appropriate school resources and items donated to us, there are still significant numbers of our learners who have little or no digital connectivity. This is not only an issue that affects children during their school lives – its effects will stay with them into adulthood and perpetuates the erosion of their life chances.

Our project targets this barrier by loaning Chromebooks and enabling digital connectivity for identified learners. Loaning devices rather than donating them enables use by future disadvantaged learners. These devices would be used to support and enhance learning, progress and qualifications. This would support us in redressing the digital disadvantage balance and ensuring children are not unfairly held back by their circumstances. Ultimately, it would improve their life chances.


10) Socie-tea: £9,900

Our bid for £9,900 will be split equally across 3 different groups

  • Older people with carers, up to 14 older people and 14 carers per session.
  • Disabled people with carers, up to 14 disabled people and 14 carers per session.
  • Children and young people, up to 15 children per session.

Lockdowns will have meant many elderly and disabled individuals unable to interact with others for the duration with many unable to leave their homes. It will be hard for some to re-engage in the community. Our groups for the older people with carers and the disabled people with carers is to allow socialisation for both the carers and individuals offering vital support to one another. Each person will receive a hot meal along with a drink and dessert. There will also be an opportunity for them to partake in some activities such as bingo, mindfulness colouring, etc.

The children’s session are to encourage them to try new things, encourage them out of the house and reintegrating with peers their age. The activity will encourage the children to get active and try something new. They will learn skills such as juggling, hoola hoop, etc provided by a registered and insured provider. The children will finish their session with a hot meal, drink and dessert. Each group will have one session per month for 12 consecutive months. The idea behind the groups is to help reintegrate the individuals back into the community, improve mental health and wellbeing and encourage community cohesion.

11) Interactive Community Conversations – Young People 18-25: £3,000

Barrackswood and Harlequin Community Group is made up of active local residents who want to make the best of where we live and support those living here to thrive.

Amongst other things our group has a particular interest in revitalising several local green spaces, which have lots of potential, but are currently underutilised and underdeveloped.

We are keen to hear as many voices from our community as possible to ensure that everyone has a chance to influence future plans for the regeneration of our area.

We would like to access £3k of funding to hire an engagement specialist to run a programme of interactive sessions over the summer months for young people aged 18-25.

The primary aim and benefit of these sessions will be centred around wellbeing and post covid resilience, offering participants the opportunity to get outdoors, get creative, connect with nature and each other, after being so restricted and spending so much time indoors over the past year.

Through conversations participants will also have the chance to contribute ideas, share their aspirations and develop a vision for the sorts of outdoor spaces and activities they would like to see implemented on a more permanent basis.

The secondary aim is that this will form a body of evidence and valuable information that will feed into the long-term plans for our community group, that can then be presented to agencies/decision makers working locally and external funders to support the implementation of the ideas that have been generated.

12) EYST Wales – Advocacy and Well-being for Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority Communities and Older Persons and Carers: £9,675

We want to offer a wellbeing check-in and advocacy service for BAME people and older people and their carers from May 2021-April 2022.   We propose to employ a friendly Wellbeing Advocate working for 10 hours a week, who can make sure that ethnic minority and older people who are isolated and excluded get the care and support they need.  The well-being advocate will

  • help people access their rights and entitlements;
  • assist people to be active and involved in their community, including helping people to access online opportunities to stay connected in their area;
  • connect people with crisis organisations such as food banks, the Discretionary Assistance Fund (DAF) and other providers of hardship funds;
  • inform people how to access the local services they need in the changing landscape of lockdown tiers;
  • give well-being check-in calls to boost mental health and make sure that people have accessed services and entitlements.

EYST’s Gwent Regional Coordinator, Rahila Hamid, has identified this advocacy as a critical need, particularly amongst BAME older people on Newport.

The Well-being Advocate will provide culturally and religiously appropriate services and through support of other EYST team members, we will provide a multi-lingual service, focussing on those community languages common in Newport: Urdu, Punjabi, Bangladeshi, Arabic, French, Polish.

120 ethnic minority people and older people/carers will be supported over the 12 months.

We are requesting £9,657.  £7,817 to employ the Wellbeing & Advocacy Officer and the remainder to cover laptop and IT costs as well as overheads including office costs.

13) Newport Rising Festival: £10,000

Newport Rising Festival caught the imagination of the people of Newport in 2018 and 2019. Celebrating Newport’s Chartist history and reclaiming our Chartist heritage for today inspired a sense of belonging and civic pride, while empowering people to work together for positive change.

The pandemic forced the cancellation of most Festival events in 2020. This year the Festival has a vital part to play in the city centre’s recovery from restrictions on social gatherings necessitated by Covid-19. £10K would enable us to relaunch Newport Rising Festival in 2021 and recover lost momentum. Our request focuses on the Festival centrepiece, the Torchlit March. With this in place, we can reactivate our dedicated volunteer workforce and confidently plan an eventful Festival.

Funding would cover Festival management, event management of the March, a community youth theatre project and community-based knowledge-exchange workshops for Newport citizens.

500-750 diverse Newport residents will experience the inspirational power of marching together by torchlight to celebrate Newport’s unique Chartist heritage. More people will make meaningful connections between what happened in Newport in 1839 and their lives as citizens today.

A range of people from diverse backgrounds, will have opportunities to participate in inclusive Festival events and exchange stories about their personal experiences of citizenship.

Young people from diverse backgrounds, participating in the community theatre project will learn how to work creatively and collaboratively and perform confidently together in public. They will gain knowledge and understanding about Newport’s Chartist history and what it means to become a citizen today.

14)#StopStabbingStartJabbing: £10,000

Welcome to #stopstabbingstartjabbing our campaign has been dealing with youth violence, knife crime, drugs and gangs in Newport since 2017. This complex issue can be reduced and leave young people in positive positions, breaking the cycle and working towards long term wins.

Our sessions aim to offer training courses and ground-breaking 4K video seminars across Newport, Gwent and South East Wales highlighting the 4 key drivers of serious youth criminal activity in Newport the vulnerabilities and risk factors that can lead to criminal exploitation, including gang association and ‘county lines’ activity the process of recruitment the four main stages of the grooming process: how children & young people are targeted, what they experience, how they are hooked and trapped by perpetrators, and use of weapon offences. Here at #stopstabbingstartjabbing, we exist to prevent, reduce, and combat youth violence in knife crime

Our Session Outcomes:

Participants will be clearer about the drivers of these issues, Participants will begin to challenge their thinking around the solutions, Helpful next steps will be shared with participants, Participants will feel empowered to implement new thinking into how to tackle these issues in their locality, Thinking before they act

Our Coverage:

  • Introduce gangs and how they feature in todays society, Review how our communities are tackling this agenda and what that could mean for you
  • How to recognise young people involved in gangs
  • The importance of relationship building with young people ‘What’s strong over what’s wrong’.
  • Creating short term wins vs long term impact for our communities.

15) Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd PTA – Outdoor Classroom: £8,900

Ysgol Gymraeg Casnewydd PTA are requesting funding for an outdoor classroom on the school grounds. The classroom will be situated by a woodland area in the school and will be used by every child in the school.   It will also be a hub for the bird watching club.

We are bidding for £8900. £8740 of this money will go towards the materials and the installation of the outdoor classroom. The further £160 will go towards buying binoculars for the bird watching club.

The well-being of children is now more important than ever, and every child’s education must start with their well-being. The outdoor classroom will enable every child in the school to benefit from outdoor learning. It is a scientific fact that being outdoors decreases anxiety and hyperactivity in children and impacts directly on their behavior.

Children know a great deal about the fantastic creatures of the world like dolphins, whales and tigers but what do they know about the creatures in their own habitat. The outdoor classroom will inspire the children to observe, understand and connect with the ecosystems in our school ground. By learning about these interesting creatures, the children will be inspired to care and protect their environment and as a result, benefit Newport in the future.  Most importantly, by being in the outdoors, the children will get a sense of freedom and hope that they haven’t experienced over the last year.

16) St Julien’s Nuturing Baxter Project

Lockdown has been hard on us all, but staying home has saved lives. We have all found staying at home tough and some young people have struggled more than most.

St Julian’s secondary school already goes the extra mile to support our youngsters in the community, but we need your help to reach out and support more children.  The Friends of St Julian’s PTFA would like to secure funding to provide animal assisted therapy, a.k.a. The Baxter Project, for some of our most vulnerable young people.

The therapists are trauma specialists and all have backgrounds in youth work and social care.  The wonderful animals they bring with them to the therapy sessions alleviate any stress and anxiety the children have, which then allows the important counselling and therapy work to take place.

Please vote for our project and grant the school the £5000 needed to ensure our students have the support they need and most certainly deserve.

This therapy can save lives, the lives of young people in our community.

Please do the right thing and vote for giving our children the help they need.