Change Cubes

An inclusive tool to engage staff, partners and the public in challenging and controversial decisions about resources using the principles of participatory budgeting

When should I use this?

  • When you need partners to design a new integrated offer
  • When you have to make difficult budget decisions
  • When you have to conduct a controversial consultation
  • When you want to tap into the ideas of the public and staff

When wouldn’t I use this?

  • When you don’t want to discuss resources more widely
  • When you have already made your decision about specific change
  • If you feel you have exhausted all possible scenarios
  • If an inspection has prescribed exactly what you need to do and there is no scope to utilise the energy and ideas of others

How does MutualGain deliver this?

  • Lead you through a series of facilitated workshops to develop the detail for each cube
  • Produce the cubes and supporting materials
  • Design the deliberative events where you use the cubes
  • Analyse the data and produce a report about participants’ decisions

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