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Appreciative Inquiry


Appreciative Inquiry is rooted in positivity, aspirations and innovation. It is a process of inquiry into a specific theme or place that encourages imagination and ideals (within existing resources). It enables the community to not only create the future but be instrumental in the shared solutions required. Done properly, AI has the ability to bring diversity together as it seeks to connect with the seemingly unconnected.

When should I use this?

  • When you have complex issues/themes that you want to explore collaboratively
  • When you want to know what is working well in your community and build on that to address an issue or challenge that you can’t resolve in isolation
  • When you are happy to involve the end user or identified community right from the start of a process
  • When you genuinely desire equal power and participation in the process of inquiry
  • When you want to encourage deeper and/or alternative thinking about age old issues or ‘problems’

When wouldn’t I use this?

  • When you need a quick fix to a problem or you have a tight time frame
  • When there are limits to the extent to which you can collaborate equally
  • When you have discovered enough about a theme or issue and feel you have some answers

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