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BRENT CO2GO – Pot 1 – Tangible Carbon Reduction to Homes and Buildings






Tangible Carbon Reduction Measures – you can apply for up to £10,000 to make adaptations to your building if you join up with others in your street or building to form a cluster of connected homes

Brent’s Carbon Offset Fund is £500,000. A local community planning group decided to split the fund into two separate pots with different themes guiding the application process.

The first theme and the focus of the fund described below is Tangible Carbon Reduction Measures. This pot is £400,000.

The second theme and fund is focused on education, awareness raising and innovation, this pot totals £100,000. If you would like to apply for this fund please click here.

Eligibility Criteria 

Applications are open to all adult residents of Brent

  1. All applicants must be aged 18 or over
  2. Up to £10,000 per home or community building is available: the first part of the fund (approximately £300) will be used to conduct a carbon audit by our preferred supplier, (to be confirmed). That supplier will advise you on the possible adaptations to reduce the carbon emissions of the building.
  3. The successful cluster of applicants will work with the supplier to agree the works.  If the total works exceeds the remaining balance, the resident has three possible options available to them:
    1. Use their personal funds to ‘top up’ the works
    2. Complete the works that remain under the £10,000 and defer any further works until such time as they can secure funding
    3. Work with the supplier to explore further grant funding to complete the works (where applicable)
  4. All applications must form part of a ‘cluster’ of homes. The planning group welcomes applications from streets of terraced homes and detached or semi-detached buildings that have been converted into flats.  A minimum of three homes is required to form a cluster, but we are keen to receive applications for clusters of more than three to increase the impact of the carbon reduction.
  5. All clusters must have a physical connection to each other eg terraced properties, or flats that are all in the same building: this maximises the impact of the adaptation and can further reduce the carbon emissions for the property
  6. The property owner MUST give final permission for works to be completed. However, if permission can’t be agreed in the timescale for application, please still apply: we welcome applications from people who are renting their homes. The Council will work with the landlord to explain how the works will impact on the property.  If (after discussions) the landlord is unwilling to make the changes, we will not proceed and the funding will be returned to the carbon offset fund in the Council.  The team will use returned money to fund the next person on the list who was unsuccessful on decision day.
  7. The Council will be conducting their own retrofit programme in due course. However, if you live in a council owned property that adjoins a privately owned or social rented property, we will consider you as part of that cluster
  8. Schools are NOT eligible to apply for this funding: the Council will be working with schools using an alternative funding stream
  9. Members of the planning group are permitted to apply but will withdraw from the sifting process to avoid any conflict of interest
  10. Applications must be received by 6pm on 30th September 

The aim of this work is to reduce carbon emissions from homes and buildings in Brent, and make your homes more comfortable and efficient in the process.

Do I have to own the building? 

  • No, but we will need the owners approval before any works can be delivered (see above)
  • If you live in rented accommodation you can apply and the Council will support you in securing permission from your landlord to complete the works
  • If your landlord does not agree, you will not be able to proceed with the works

What do I have to do?

  1. Speak to your neighbours and inspire others to make the changes! Once you all agree to form a cluster of homes and/or a community building, you just need to complete the application form below!  When you do that please tell us why you think your cluster should be awarded the funding – what would these carbon reduction measures mean to you personally, and as a group?
  2. Once your application has been approved you will be invited to submit a three minute video on what the work would mean to you
  3. Come along to a workshop on how to create that video – you can use your phone to film yourself
  4. Attend a live community bidding day, where all applications will be viewed by the wider community and voted on (by the public).
  5. The winning bids will receive the survey and work
  6. We might ask you for further personal details but they will be submitted individually not as a cluster, for example, you may want us to identify a further grant if the works are over a certain amount and you can’t afford to have them conducted – that income information will not be shared with any of your cluster – only the supplier conducting the survey and the council.


Application deadlines close at 6pm on 30th September 


If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please complete the form below and we will get back to you with your progress!